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A pack of 100 pieces 6″ Standard Buffalo Bully Sticks. Please note that these may have shrink-wrap on them. This treat does have a moderate odour that dogs love. We try and price our treats as aggressive as possible so you can save . All natural from free cattle. No chemicals or preservatives added. All natural flavour your dog will love. These are not the odorfree/low odour ones that we sell. Many have requested that we supply bully sticks that have an odour so here they are. These have all been lab tested and approved. Please note that if these are out of stock we recommend the 12″ standard bully sticks as they are the same product but double the length

Yes they are now available in Canada and you don’t have to ship them from the USA and worry about the new strict CFIA inspection guidelines.

All-Natural Dog Chew 100 pieces Pack Buffalo 6″ sticks/stix

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